LPA Introduces New CRE Certification Program

LPA Introduces New CRE Certification Program

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You’re familiar with MAI, SRPA, AI-GRS, and USPAP. But, this holiday season, LPA is excited to announce that each and every one of its Team members has earned one of the most coveted designations in the world, let alone the commercial real estate industry.


Certificate of Niceness

Don’t get us wrong; we certainly don’t mean to downplay the importance of Appraisal Institute certifications and standards. Even without a triple-dog-dare, we adhere to our profession’s best practices like a tongue to a frozen flag pole. But the Nice Certification, issued by the jolly old authorities at the North Pole, adds a bit of shine (you could even say a glow) to our credentials.

Naturally, you would expect a commercial real estate valuation professional to produce accurate, principled, and timely appraisal reports. However, this new certification recognizes the greater level of service we strive to provide. We believe our insistence on integrity and transparency, our commitment to teamwork, and our embrace of innovation instills confidence in our products and brings peace of mind to our clients. And St. (emphasis on “Saint”)Nick seems to agree! It’s these unquantifiable qualities of niceness that helped us earn this Major Award.

We should also mention that not every organization can claim to be Nice. Sadly, some in our field are downright Naughty. They seem to view deadlines as mere suggestions. They rarely respond when you jingle their bells. And their reports can get as sloppy as a snowman on a warm day. (Why do they ignore the details? We don’t know at all. Perhaps their hearts are two sizes too small.)

Luckily, you don’t have to settle for the lumps of coal the not-Nice try and pass off as diamonds in the rough. If you’ve been frustrated by less-than-nice service, it may be time to give us a call. Each one of our eight offices welcomes carolers!

It would not be in the spirit of this giving season to keep this precious and prestigious honor to ourselves. That’s why we’re not only inviting our clients and partners to apply for your very own Nice Certification — we’re also streamlining the application process. You, your co-workers, friends, anyone who makes your work and life a little better: all are eligible!

Visit https://www.niceornot.lowerypa.com/ to customize an award with your name and acts of kindness, then be sure to display your Certificate in a prominent spot. Location being everything in real estate, we recommend one certain not to escape Santa’s notice: on the mantel, next to where you’ve hung your stockings with care, or right by the milk and cookies.

Thank you for trusting us with your business and making 2021 a very good year indeed. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at LPA!

How nice have you been this year? Show off your finer qualities by filling out your own Certificate of Niceness.

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