LPA's 2020 Summer Interns

The Class of 2020: Meet LPA’s Newest Group of Summer Interns

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It’s a pillar of the culture we’ve worked hard to build here at LPA, and it’s a Core Value that’s helped our commercial real estate (CRE) valuation experts overcome the challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teamwork is also one of the reasons our Management Team chose not to suspend our Summer Internship Program. Our industry is undergoing rapid and profound change. Multiple property types — hotel, retail, and office space among them — face futures that were unimaginable as recently as February of this year. Now, more than ever, young CRE talent stands to benefit from hands-on learning opportunities.

So we’re happy to announce that we’re extending just those kinds of opportunities to three remarkable young people this summer. Read on to learn more about how Cassidy Springer, Matthew Kulbicki, and Samantha Graves will be helping us create long-term value for our clients over the next several months.

Cassidy Springer

Cassidy Springer

Cassidy originally hails from The Woodlands, Texas. A Psychology major and Business minor, she earned her B.S. from Texas A&M University last May. Since then, Cassidy has stayed close to College Station. She began pursuing a Master of Real Estate (MRE) degree at her alma mater last autumn. This spring, she began helping out at our College Station office. Her primary duties included pulling and attaching comps as well as gaining experience writing appraisal reports. Now, Cassidy will be is graduating to a new internship — this one at our Dallas office.

Asked what most excites her about her move, Cassidy says, “Being from the Houston area, I’m looking forward to learning more about Dallas-Fort Worth and its commercial real estate market.” She’s also eager to meet her new colleagues. In her brief tenure at our College Station office, Cassidy says she discovered just how much she “loves being able to collaborate and work with others on projects.”

Cassidy’s team spirit carries over into how she spends her free time as well. “When I’m not working or studying,” she says, “I’m usually socializing with friends or playing with my dog.”

It’s been a privilege watching Cassidy grow, and we can’t wait to see how she thrives in her new role.

Matthew Kulbicki

Matthew Kulbicki

Matthew will be joining Cassidy in our Dallas office this summer. He’s a fellow Aggie who received his diploma in May of this year. Like Cassidy, he grew up in the Houston area: Katy, Texas. He’s chosen to extend his education as well, and anticipates having his MRE (also from Texas A&M) in hand by May of next year.

Matthew studied Finance as an undergraduate and brings strong interests in research and analytics to his position. He’s also an early riser who anticipates he’ll fit right in with LPA’s morning people. “My days will probably begin at 6 or 7 AM,” Matthew explains. “I’m looking forward to working with my manager and getting a game plan going for each day.”

Asked what he’d most like to take away from his time at LPA, Matthew responds that he’s hoping to become well-versed in a wide variety of property types. At the same time, he’s aiming to hone his communication skills. “Most afternoons I’ll be on the phone, talking to the parties involved in these CRE deals,” he says.

Matthew’s hobbies include golf and swimming. It’s a winning combination, especially for anyone living in a region that’s as rich with amenities as North Texas. When it’s too hot to play eighteen holes, there’s always a pool — and a chance to cool off — nearby. No matter how Matthew chooses to rest and relax, our Dallas Team is excited about helping him take a deep dive into the CRE valuation process.

Samantha Graves

Samantha Graves

Sugar Land, Texas native Samantha is the newest member of our Houston Team. She’s just a few months away from earning her MRE from Texas A&M, and, like Cassidy, previously interned at our College Station office. There, Samantha helped with quality assurance and records management. She’s now ready to expand her range of expertise by getting even more involved in the composition of appraisal reports.

Although she’ll be based in Houston, Samantha will also be supporting her colleagues in San Antonio. That’s a good thing, too, as engaging with others keeps her energized. In fact, Samantha says that her favorite part of her LPA experience thus far has been “the people — everyone is kind, intelligent, and pushes me to be a better student and employee.”

On those rare occasions when Samantha’s not seeking out self-improvement opportunities, she’s taking care of her “fur baby” Luna. Both Samantha and Luna enjoy taking frequent trips to their favorite dog park. It’s the ideal hangout for anyone who enjoys making new friends as much as they do stretching their legs.

Thank you to Cassidy, Matthew, and Samantha for all you’ve already done to help us provide our clients with unmatched insights, 100-percent on-time delivery, and principle-driven transparency. And thank you for sharing your passion for real estate with the entire LPA family. We’re glad we get to accompany you on this next stage in your professional journey.

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