2020 In Review: A Year Deserving Of A Proper Roast

2020 In Review: A Year Deserving Of A Proper Roast

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2020 is winding down. While we normally wouldn’t look forward to shorter days and longer nights, if that means this year is hastening to its close, then we’re more than OK with it. After all, 2020 has been a string of year-long months. Remember Tiger King? Babying your sourdough starter? Restaurants?

We barely do. And, to be honest, we’d rather think about January 1, 2021, than the festivities of December 31, 2020. It’s going to be hard to raise a cup of kindness and serenade the past year with choruses of “Auld Lang Syne.”

In fact, our CRE valuation experts would advise you to forget about the toast altogether. Everyone here at LPA believes that these days of 2020 soon to be gone by are far more deserving of a roast.

The good news? You don’t need to be a barista to pour yourself the pick-me-up you need to get over the final hump of a year full of toilet paper shortages, asterisked pro sports championships, fogged glasses, involuntary homeschooling, and endless Zoom-ing. All you need to beat back your well-earned exhaustion is a bold new brew from LPA.

The Roast of 2020, presented by LPA

This year, we’re not just sending our any old season’s greetings. We’re celebrating our love of coffee — or, as we like to think of it, “appraisal fuel” — with our clients, partners, and Team members in the form of a special package containing LPA’s Roast of 2020.

  • Tasting notes: Our unique blend of distanced beans results in a cup overflowing with conflicting flavors and masked aromas. Sip with an abundance of caution.
  • Origin: Singular. If we can say one thing about 2020 with any certainty at all, it’s that it was an unprecedented year.
  • Roast: Think darker than darkest. As in, “scorched.”

All bitterness aside, the holiday gift we’re sending out this year makes for a smooth, sweet, and overall delightful experience. We know; that’s not very on-brand for 2020. But it does reflect our deepest wishes and sincerest hopes for 2021. Merry Christmas and a most invigorating New Year from all of us here at LPA!

Merry Christmas 2020 from LPA

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